7 Ways to Enhance SEO on Pinterest

Pinterest is an ubiquitous platform for uploading creative and beautiful images of any conceivable category. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a term that encompasses any and all methods used to enhance the visibility of a website or web page through a search engine. Subsequently, SEO enhances the popularity and viewer traffic of any digital content. In this article, we discuss how any content uploaded onto Pinterest could make use of SEO to maximise viewer visibility and traffic impact, and eventually enable it to become one of the top or trending searches on the whole website.


Basic Principles of SEO on Pinterest:


Pinterest is the perfect medium for showcasing images that you have worked hard to create; its users are always on the lookout for eye-catching, stunning pictures that are in line with their interests. As such, you certainly should ensure that your hard work does not go to waste, and that anyone interested in your images should be able to easily search for and view them. As such, these key points are what you need to take note of when posting your masterpieces on Pinterest:



  • Key is in the Keywords

“A picture paints a thousand words”, but in this case, a “thousand words”, or descriptions of your images, play an equally important role in ensuring your pictures acquire the attention they so deserve on Pinterest. Keywords from your descriptions are like magnets; they directly attract viewers to your images. Thus, your descriptions need to be illustrative and comprehensive enough to explain your picture in words. Handling these descriptions with the highest degree of proficiency and quality, is just one method of SEO the experts from Singapore Services Online can accomplish.



  • Stay Relevant

The content of your board should be accurate and relevant, and should match the title of your board. Try to avoid having random collections of unrelated images as this may cause your viewer to dismiss your works and deem them irrelevant. Singapore Services Online have achieved this for every client, ensuring that their board and content stay relevant.



  • Stay Consistent

Aim for consistent improvement and updates to your account on Pinterest. At every second, Pinterest gets more than a thousand posts on any one topic;  so if you desire to be among the top searches and want the world to appreciate what you have created, and make it stay that way, do not just leave a mark on the platform; maintain it. Consistency is key, and ensures that your account would be continuously patronised by your existing fans and viewers, while piquing the interest of new viewers.

Pinterest allows you to have a different board where different categories of images can be uploaded. Enhancing your board categories which should directly reflect all your content inside, is a must. The better the match between your board and your content within it, the more consistent and relevant your Pinterest account would appear to viewers.



  • Refer, but Stand Out

Take a look at the topics relevant to your content based on your content’s characteristics, and look at what other artists are posting on Pinterest in relation to your own content. Is it similar in appearance to other images? Does it stand out from the rest? Or does it have an edge over many others’ posts? It is that much easier to attract viewers when your content itself reflects a unique, creative and personal side of you that no one else can replicate. It is all about your personal touch.


  • Connect with the Site

Pinterest cooperates better with credible, trusted users and uploaders. This means those who have identified themselves, such as by providing links to their websites and other works or background information, or the purpose and motivation for uploading their content on Pinterest. Where many SEO companies overlook such logistical aspects, Singapore Services Online would ensure their clients are aware of small but significant information such as this.


  • Avoid Repetition

Viewers do support new content, and await in eager anticipation for the next creative and mind-blowing post. Conversely, posting images that appear similar to previous uploads may drive viewers away from your content. However, it can be difficult to create completely fresh, new images all the time, especially for those whose related topics have high volumes of posts all the time. Thus, if there are similarities between your works and others’ works, you could try to add something a little extra to enhance your posts, so you have an edge over others’ posts.


  • Maintain Flow

Some users upload something new every day, while others abruptly come up with posts from time to time. Irregular uploads could are discouraged as viewers may lose interest in you after some time of waiting, and thus, despite your efforts to create unique and fresh posts, your uploads may still decrease in popularity and visibility. Thus, we always emphasize the importance of maintaining the flow, by regularly uploading new posts.


  • Cater to your Viewers

Keep your fans and viewers on their toes. Spiderman: No Way Home is the perfect example and analogy. This includes catering to their whims and fancies, their moods and demands. By doing so, you stand to gain major traction in the Pinterest community, and of course, create the next trending post. Trends are extremely beneficial to you as they would be widely viewed by all. Remember that trending posts always enjoy more visibility, so aim to make your post a trend.


  • Optimize Visibility

Most users now use mobile phones to access Pinterest. Thus, you should consider the size of your image or post, such that it is optimized for viewing on a mobile screen.




Pinterest is one of the most well-known and common platforms for sharing images and personal artworks with like-minded individuals. There is much to gain from enhancing the Search Engine Optimization of your Pinterest posts, especially if you desire others to view your posts. This article summarises just some of the methods of SEO we use here at Singapore Services Online. Do contact us for more information or to enquire about any of the services we offer. We believe that your hard work and efforts should be met with the desired results, and we would be glad to help.