6 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid when Designing your Company’s Website

Your company’s website is about showcasing your company’s services and products to the world. Is that all? 

Of course not. Your website is an asset that you should leverage on fully, because it has the power to sell your services & products passively – it can earn you money even when you’re asleep. 

And if you’re not doing your best to develop it, then you’re not maximizing its uses. Working on various website design projects at SSO Singapore, we’ve seen how a website can boost sales. The best website design company at the cheapest rate in Singapore can be the only investment you need.

From the start, it’s important to define your goal: why exactly are you getting your website designed? Are you simply focused on having something to present to potential customers? To showcase your products and what you can offer? Or is it more than that? Are you trying to tell your brand’s story?What makes you stand out from the rest? All too often, website design companies in Singapore tend to focus only on visual design or SEO optimisation, while forgetting about the bigger goal.

Don’t blindly pick themes. Pay attention to your user

It is important to emphasize from the moment a user decides to click on your website link, your page, or contact you, the ball is in the court of that user. An acclaimed digital marketing agency will scrutinize every step, every conceivable route your user may choose to take in the entirety of his or her journey.

Let’s see the many mistakes people commit on their company website, and how you can learn from it.

#1 Don’t harp on the products your company offer, but focus on HOW these products serve your user’s needs

The biggest mistake is emphasizing ‘you’ and your company’s long history and and long line of products at the home page. Make sure your website developer in Singapore isn’t making this mistake on your website.

Visitors are impatient. Don’t expect them to care  about what your company does. Let’s be honest – they are more bothered about what’s in it for ‘them’. Why should they listen. What is in it for them? Instead of shoving all your product’s features down their throats, present their pain points, show them you completely understand what they are going through. And how your product can instantly solve their problem!

For instance, if you’re selling a chair, on the home page itself, clearly present the problem your target audience is suffering from, and show how your chair solves it – whether it be a good fit in their compact space, or how it can do wonders for their posture.

Priority is on your potential customer, not your awards or history. Speak about your achievements in other sections/pages and not at your home page.

#2 Don’t adorn your webpages in just text. Users start by scanning, not reading

As visitors arrive on your website, they scan sections. They scan a portion of the text and focus more on the design, which determines if they would like to stay or leave. Then, if they like what they see, they will continue reading on.

It is psychologically proven that any big chunks of text only serve to add on cognitive load. Hence, it is no wonder customers tend to simply avoid reading text.

This is why it’s important never to drown your website in text.

  • Keep your sentences short
  • Leverage the power of single words to describe your brand
  • Maintain white space. It makes it easy to read between paragraphs
  • Opt for a breathable website theme

#3 Don’t go for low-quality pictures thinking it will quicken loading speed

SSO - Cheap and Best Seo Services Singapore

To achieve a faster loading speed, the quality of the picture needs to be low-resolution! No. Don’t fall prey to inexperienced people who will tell you this.

Low-quality visuals only serve to portray a less than desirable impression of your company.

High-quality visuals are a subtle way of conveying to your customers that your design, visuals and entire site are in tandem with your services or product(s); elegant, of superior quality, clean, sophisticated.

An experienced website design company in Singapore like SSO will assist you to incorporate the best quality visuals without compromising on loading speed.

#4 Don’t take control away from users. Give them control & they will trust you

SSO - Cheap and Best Seo Services Singapore

Another common mistake you should never commit is to take away control from users. For instance, a user is not being able to get back because he can’t see the simple “back” button. Or worse, the “back” button or arrow isn’t there!

Without knowing, you might commit a lot of these blunders that deprive your customer of the control they require. Hence, it’s a ‘must’ to put in easy-to-navigate markers. Once visitors know that they can control their movements, they find it easier to trust your company. This further helps them to make quicker decisions about contacting you.

#5 In the world of website design, affordability doesn’t mean low output

SSO - Cheap and Best Seo Services Singapore

Many people tend to equate price with quality. The good news is that when it comes to website designing, you can get a fabulous website design company in Singapore at an economical rate.

Here at SSO, our designer and team should be able to understand your ultimate goal. And not solely help you pick amongst templates.

#6 Say goodbye to frequent pop-ups unless…

Imagine the following.

You’re trying to bite into a heavenly chocolate cookie. But every time you are about to shove it in your mouth, a buzzing bee tries to attack you and disrupts you from enjoying the cookie!

Frequent pop-ups on a website are similar to unwanted bees. Every user is on your website to find out something. Interruptions caused by pop-ups not only distract but also “invade” the user’s personal space.

Pop-ups asking people to fill in forms, discover something new, or join your newsletter, aren’t helping. But should you then avoid them completely? No!

Allow your visitor to explore the website. Let the discovery begin without interruptions. And if it’s necessary to put in a data collection form – put in a short one after he or she has spent some considerable time on the website, preferably after at least three to five minutes. It’s a good idea for the form to pop up on another section separate from your ‘home page’. Probably by this time, the visitor has seen some of your services or products, and will be fine to share his details.

One last principle to remember!

And lastly, don’t forget the TETO principle. This means ‘Test Early, Test Often’. Make sure a couple of users (internal team members, family, friends) test your interface before it’s live. Also, with every new feature or page introduced; make sure it’s tested across types of designations & age groups. You will receive useful reactions – right from the lack or excess of something, or a flaw you missed. If you’ve hired a website developer or digital marketing agency in Singapore for your website design or SEO, make sure these points are given priority.

For a website design that is designed to improve sales and conversion at the cheapest rates in Singapore, feel free to reach out to SSO Singapore.