Tips on Choosing Colors for Your Business Logo

One of the most important yet often neglected factors of branding is logo creation. This is because it is the face of your company, its identity represented in an image, something that people are bound to see constantly. Therefore, it is necessary for your logo to be great, simple and effective. 

In order to get a good logo, you need someone to design it. For this task, you can trust the best logo designer, SEO, and web design Singapore company. Here at SSO, and in this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks that are followed by our designers, to guide you closer towards the logo of your dreams.

Choosing the Colors for your Logo:


The logo is the first impression of your company. It should be able to communicate with your customers. For this purpose, choosing good colors is a necessary part of the process. We are going to share with you some knowledge about these colors and how they communicate with the audience.

1. Orange:

Confidence is something that is represented by the color orange very well. If you want to grab the attention of your audience, orange is the best color to use for your logo.

This color is one that is going to draw all eyes towards your brand. If we talk about some examples, the channel Nickelodeon for kids has an orange logo. This logo is used to catch the attention of the minds of our children. 

2. Red:

If you want to show passion, urgency or excitement, then the best color for your logo is red. A visually stimulating color, like this one, can increase your pulse rate and can make you feel excited.

Companies like Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban and Supreme all have a red logo which add to the excitement of potential customers.

3. Yellow:

If you are looking for a color that makes you feel warm, trustable, then yellow is the color for you. This color often represents optimism and clarity.

Yellow is a color that is usually seen on billboards because it is vibrant and can stand out. People use yellow to grab attention, like the color of a taxi. Taxis are yellow in color so that they can be seen from miles away, from a distance.

Furthermore, the color yellow also gives you a feeling of comfort as soon as you see it. Usually, most restaurants use a yellow logo. This logo helps them create an impression of warmth and comfort in their customers.

4. Purple:

Now, if you are looking for a color that would help you build a relationship of trust with your audience then you should go for the color purple.

Trust and loyalty are represented by purple; it also gives a spark to your imagination. Purple is a shade that makes you feel everything is possible and within reach. These are the reasons why purple is used in beauty products.

5. Black and White:

You cannot talk about class and sophistication without talking about two colors – black and white. The combination of black and white is the representation of elegance and power. Most brands that use a black and white logo want to portray or express their power and influence.

Louis Vuitton, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Adidas, Chanel, and many other brands like them have a black and white logo.

The black color also represents mystery and sophistication, while white is often used to show elegance and simplicity.

6. Green:

Money and growth are represented by the color green. Often, brands that are related to money have a green logo. Not only that, but companies with a green logo are also often the ones  that advocate for or relate to the environment. Examples include, the tractor company John Degree and the TV channel Animal Planet; they both have logos that are green in color.

7. Blue:

Strength and calmness are represented in the color blue.

Companies that are trying to give the feeling of power and dependability, usually have a logo that is blue.

Blue is also the symbol of pride and it often represents professionalism. Brands like Intel, Samsung, Dell, and Vimeo have a blue logo.

Which Color Should You Choose for your Logo?


The combination of two or more colors can help you create the perfect logo. Singapore Services Online is a Logo Design and SEO Company that also works on website design ranks first on Google if you search with keywords like SEO, logo, or website design Singapore companies. They can help you get the perfect logo for your brand by just taking some information related to the objectives and aims of your organization.

Usually, a combination of two colors is more than enough in a logo and if you keep adding more colors, it can make your logo look cheap. It is 2 or in some cases, 3 colors that are used by companies in their brand’s logo. Using two primary colors and then adding a white color can also make your logo look really attractive.

A single color with some white or black can also add some pizzazz to the logo of your brand. Avoid using too many colors if you want your logo to look good to your audience. It is often said that less is more, which is very true when it comes to logo designing unless your brand is selling rainbows, then feel free to use multiple colors.


You can get a logo that looks nice and elegant by doing some mix and match with colors. The perfect color choices can give you the end product that will catch every eye and is going to make a place in everyone’s mind when they think of a product you offer. Too many colors or a wrong color choice can make it look bad and can ruin the entire impression of your brand.